January 2017 Vegan Dharma Challenge!

Compassion, ethical conduct and renunciation are all core ideals and values of the Dharma. We would like to invite you on a journey of exploring these themes, deepening your personal practice and protecting the world by following a vegan diet for one month. Through our time together we will provide talks and reflections on different aspects of veganism and the Dharma, as well as possibilities for sharing experiences, joys, challenges, recipes, and thoughts and questions with other participants.

You can participate in the Vegan Dharma Challenge by following this web page, joining our official facebook group here or following our twitter feed here.

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  1. Monlam Universe December 1, 2016 at 1:34 am #

    Thats what all the whole needs urgently, greetings from uruguay, another vegan dharma practioner. Namo Budddha _/\_/\_/\_

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